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Elderly Turn-over Pillow

Elderly Turn-over Pillow

Elderly Turn-over Pillow

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The Optimal Solution to Help Patients Turn Over!

Whether you are a professional physician or you have an elderly person in care, our elderly patient turning device is a life saver when it comes to turning your patient and attending to his needs, such a diaper changing, massaging, body cleaning, or exercising.
Our pillow goes under the patient’s knees offering support while the rounded side allows an easy turning of the legs. Keep a hand on the patient’s waist or back and one hand on the pillow handle and roll simultaneously for quick turning in just a few seconds.

An excellent solution for patient turning at home, as it not only makes turning easier but also provides support and promotes a comfortable position, that can help reduce numbness, inflammation and improve circulation.

Excellent Support

Our pillow is made with high-quality soft PU leather, which is eco-friendly, skin-friendly and very soft for more comfort. The interior is made from a high-density sponge which provides increased support. It’s hard to deform even after repeated use.

Minimal Maintenance

Thanks to the smooth surface of the PU leather, cleaning and washing the pillow are so much easier. The material is waterproof, so you can clean the pillow with a soft wet cloth or wipe using a neutral detergent and let it air dry.


1. Let the patient relax and put the patient’s feet up, cushion the product, and spread their legs.
2. Put both knees into the groove,the pillow will support the patient's lower limbs. Hold the handle to adjust the position (it is recommended to place the pillowunder the knees)
3. Hold the handle with one hand, and turn the patient's waist or back in one direction with the other hand.

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