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Pet Paw Earrings Gold

Pet Paw Earrings Gold

Pet Paw Earrings Gold

$90.00 Sale price
-Unique and Original Design
-Elaborately Crafted from High-Quality 925 Sterling Silver
-Rose Gold Plated

Celebrate your favourite four-legged friend with these beautfiul paw print earrings. Finely crafted in sterling silver, these adorable earrings are a delightful gift for any cat or dog lover. It is sure to add whimsical charm to your jewellery collection.

Material:  925 sterling silver
Plating: Platinum / Gold ( 3 Layer Electroplating)
Weight: 2.6grams

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925 Sterling silver
For its jewellery items, ELLAF uses the highest-quality and most popular alloy in the jewellery sector: 925 Sterling silver. This is nickel-free and thus suitable for wear by allergy sufferers.
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