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FlashWire™ - The Cable That Never Tangles
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Introducing the charging cable that doesn't tangle — it's also super easy to use and works absolutely anywhere!

Stay Organized
 The FlashWire™ frees space on desks and countertops with its magnetic compactable design, keeping your spaces clean and organized
Magnetic Charing

The magnetic adsorbtion design reduces the number of insertions and removals of the mobile phone interface, therby reducing the damage to the mobile phone.

Hide It Away
  Coil the FlashWire™ so it's neatly tucked away for next times use. No more dangling wires.
Easy To Store
 Unlike regular cables that are messy to store within desks and drawers, the FlashWire™ is easy and neat to store. No more cluttered drawers!

Pack In A Flash
Packing up your FlashWire is quick and effortless. Best of all, when you reach inside to grab your FlashWire™, they will never be tangled!
For Every Device
Don't worry, we've configured the FlashWire™ to fit both Apple and Android (Lightning & USB-C to USB) so you won't feel left out. Organize all your devices!
Fun To Fiddle
The FlashWire™ is addicting to fiddle with. We simply couldn't put it down, and we don't think you could either! Well, unless you're charging your device.
Built To Last
Made with the correct materials in order to produce a durable cable that lasts longer than poor quality cables. You won't need to buy another charging wire for a long time.
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